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Pašticada or as it is known as Dalmatian pašticada is a traditional dish of the Croatian coast. Actually, it is a beef round cooked in vegetables and wine and/or prošek (sweet wine). Traditionally it was made from pieces of cattle leg, but today is completely replaced by beef round.

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Pašticada is prepared from beef or yearling beef, mostly the muscle locally known as orah (walnut), although horse meat and large game are also used with equal success. In the second phase, the meat is well browned on all sides, and in the third phase it is gently stewed in gravy containing dried fruit, predominantly prunes, and a number of

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Beef is marinated in red wine and braised with carrots, celery root, and onions until tender to make Dalmatinska Pasticada (Croatian pot roast).

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Dalmatinska pašticada, savršen recept za svečane prigode. Priprema pašticade relativno je dugotrajna pa se najčešće pravi za svečane prigode. Meso je prvo potrebno pripremiti – našpikati (odnosno napuniti) povrćem i pancetom, premazati senfom, te preko noći ostaviti u pacu od mješavine vina, vode i povrća.

Pašticada | Traditional Croatian Cuisine | World Food Story

#recepti #pašticada #stewedbeef Splitska Pašticada / Traditional Stewed Beef in Gravy Sauce SASTOJCI / INGREDIENTS - 2 kg junetine (plećka) / 2 kg of beef (s

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Recept Pašticada recept u kojem kroz video prikazujem detaljnu pripremu ovog poznatog >>>dalmatinskog jela<<< sa junetinom do najsitnijih detalja. Možete isto ovo jelo pripremati i sa kareom a taj video pogledajte >>>OVDJE<<< Volio bi kada bi se jednom odlučili za pripremu ovog jela kako bi mogli uživati u >>>fantastičnom okusu<<< baš kao ja i moja obitelj.

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Pašticada Many people associate sweet and sour with Asian-style cooking. A pretty valid way of thinking, but there are other cultures that like to mix things up and get …

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Pašticada is a stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce, popular in Croatia.It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in Dalmatia.It requires long and meticulous preparation: first, the meat is pierced and stuffed with garlic, cloves, carrot and bacon, then salted and marinated in vinegar overnight.

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Pasticada, a beef stew is a kind of Dalmatian gastronomic icon. The fact is that every Dalmatian family, that keeps up the tradition has its own recipe.

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Just like Mama Modrić used to make, this rich time-consuming sauce for gnocchi is worth the effort. We coulndt get ahold of Lukas mom to get her exact recipe, but Mike Benayouns should prove just as scrumptious.. Its said that in the Croatian region Dalmatia, Pašticada is reserved for special occasions and we think the World Cup definitely qualifies.